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Prashant Pandey

Prashant Pandey

Prashant Pandey is a seasoned former print journalist with over two decades of experience in leading national dailies. His expertise spans a wide range of topics, including crime, the criminal justice system, terrorism, naxalism, riots, politics, elections, and major events like Commonwealth Games 2010 and Kumbh-2013. He has also delved into issues of social significance such as religious conversion, and extensively covered the tribal state of Jharkhand and reported from the Poorvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh for, cumulatively, nearly a decade.

With a Post-Graduate degree in Archaeology and Museology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (Hons.), his educational journey has taken him through various cities including Dhanbad, Prayagraj, Delhi, and Ranchi.

He approaches society, politics, history, and culture with a distinct Indian perspective. Currently, Prashant serves as a freelancing editor and translator in both English and Hindi, based in Delhi/NCR. In his downtime, he enjoys immersing himself in drama, movies, music, and cricket. He can be reached on X @ppandey1977