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Parents Beware of the Digital Demon

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Televisions, smartphones, internet, social media are all horribly addictive and the Covid pandemic has doubled the online presence of children. The WHO says, ‘Digital disorders are hugely under-recognised in India’. According to Rajesh Sagar of AIIMS Delhi, ‘It is fast emerging as India’s newest lifestyle disease’. Digital games, advertisements and reality shows are dangerous for a growing mind. The Government of India has banned online games like PUBG, Blue Whale, sites like Tik Tok. The Government of Karnataka has even banned online classes for children up to class five. This book is an attempt to flag the dangers and provide some suggestions on how to combat digital dependence. No teaching formula or A1 model can accommodate multiple diversities at the grassroots level. The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience offers a SHUT (Services for Healthy Use of Technology) clinic for internet addiction. This needs to be created across the nation.  The advertisers know the young are consumers. They are not bothered about how the ad impacts children, especially when there is no actual regulator and no parental bodies, nor teacher groups. No ‘Truth about Technology’ lobbies here.  Rules need to be implemented.  If Daag achche hain, then why teach children to be neat and clean?

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ISBN 13 9788194820031
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 220
Edition First
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