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Paramu Kurumathur

Paramu Kurumathur

Paramu Kurumathur is an alumnus of IIT, Madras. He has been working in the international software services industry and global IT management since 1980. He has managed many international programs in his career in the software industry and in an international NGO. He is currently an Author, Coach and Principal Consultant at a well-known consultancy firm.
He has published four books—Software Project Health: An Epic Retold; The First Aryan: The Legend of Vrsakapi; The Five Tantras of Enterprise Agility and 108 Facts about Sanskrit you didn’t know. For details, please visit
He is an ardent student of Sanskrit and has published a series of online tutorials on learning the language in easy steps. These can be accessed on his website

His personal interests include writing novels and technical books, studying and interpreting ancient Indian writings, writing limericks, travel (he has travelled to around 40 countries), playing the guitar and promoting humour as a way of life.