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Of Beasts & Beauty : Short Stories by Bindu

 by    Bindu Tandon   

In stock : 25 JANUARY

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Has it ever happened that you hear a story about someone and think to yourself — what would it be like to be that person, to       

feel so great an empathy for them that you not only feel their pain and sorrow but also marvel at the strength of their will and

the depth of their courage? 

To feel, viscerally, to the very core

of your being a common thread of humanity.

Thirteen stories, thirteen human experiences.

From Bindu’s pen.

Author :  Bindu Tandon   
Publisher :  Rati   
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
ISBN 10 : 1942426400
ISBN-13 : 9781942426400
Return Conditions : Non-returnable

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