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Maneesh Madhukar Godbole

Maneesh Madhukar Godbole

Author’s bio:


Scribbler at heart. My childhood home walls had more crayon graffiti than the Berlin wall.

Now that I have grown up, I code.

I write books and blogs when my boss is not around, and still manage to win Employee of the Month.

Having decided at an early age not to let schooling interfere with my education, I decided to chart my own path. And I knew I was right because I am born and brought up in Pune and Punekars know everything.

Over the years, doing only what I really enjoyed, I worked in a factory manufacturing thermal cooling systems. In a few years, I picked up mechanical, sheet metal and machine operating skills, along with rudimentary knowledge of electronics.

After a few years, I decided to find out what this coding thing was all about. So I got hold of a computer, bought a book and taught myself programming. Unsure if I was skilled enough to enter the world of professional programming, I piggy backed on my prior skills and invented a hardware device which, when attached to the computer, would translate text into Braille. Since I suck at marketing, I managed to sell only one unit. However, this invention became news and Times of India published a detailed article, along with my photo about it. Almost all my well-wishers were surprised at this, as they totally expected my name to appear in the papers, though in a different context.

I absolutely enjoyed disappointing them.

Armed with all this confidence, I managed to become a professional programmer. But after 20 years, I found myself losing interest and was contemplating what to do next, when the north east drive happened and I stumbled upon my ability to put words together. And the best part? People actually liked the way I did it. So, this is where I am today.

My blog about the NE adventures can be found at


In the future, once I have my fill of writing, I plan to move on to woodworking on a professional level.  I would have done it at home right now, but my wife put her foot down. She claims I don't even pick up the ashtray and coffee mug. Fed up with this, she has proclaimed she is definitely not cleaning up all the mess I am sure to leave behind with my carpentry.

I dare not argue or cross her, because like every married husband knows, the wife is always right.