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Manoshi Sinha Rawal

Manoshi Sinha Rawal

About the Author

Manoshi Sinha is an author of 8 books including two books on Krishna ('The Eighth Avatar' and 'Blue Vanquisher'). 'Saffron Swords' is her latest. A postgraduate in English Literature from the University of Pune, she is a History researcher and blogger. Manoshi is the founder of, an e-magazine that features India from the past to the present with a special focus on history and heritage.

Yogaditya Singh Rawal is a history and fitness blogger, national-level competitive bodybuilder, Mr. India 2016 (Federation Cup Bodybuilding), and Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA-USA). An MCA from IMS, Ghaziabad and an LLB, he is an ancient martial art learner and practitioner. The husband-wife duo is an avid heritage traveler, exploring historical places, ancient and medieval temples, forts and fortresses and regularly write on these topics.