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Jada Bharata’s Prasnavali: (A text on Advaita-Vedanta)

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Professor Filippi explores the Indian view of mortal existence — from an individual’s conception to his/her journey to the Kingdom of Yama — with rare scientific objectivity — by unveiling a complex network of sentiments, beliefs, scriptural references, customs, etc.

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ISBN 13 9788124602638
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 104
Edition 1st
Release Year 2004
Publisher D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Author Pranati Ghosal
Category Classical   Ever Green Shelf Life  
Weight 225.00 g
Dimension 14.00 x 22.00 x 1.80

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Prasnavali, a less-known yet important treatise, ascribed to Jadabharata, poses fifty-two fundamental questions on Monistic Philosophy. Novelty of this book lies in its question-answer technique provided for both teaching and propagation of Advaita Vedànta in an easy way. In spite of being small in size, the work covers almost all the important topics expected to be known by a devotee or a learner. There may be different groups of scholars and students of Vedanta affiliated to various mathas who long for finding proper answers to the queries that arise in this field from time to time. Jadabharata earnestly took up this uphill task through this treatise. Thus he deserves a special credit for creating interest in Advaitism among the people belonging to the community of both the learners and devotees.