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I Am Not Twenty Four… I've Been Nineteen For Five Years!

I Am Not Twenty Four… I've Been Nineteen For Five Years!


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ISBN 13 9788192222622
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 224
Release Year 2011
Publisher Grapevine India Publishers
Author Sachin Garg
Category Indian Writing  
Weight 190.00 g
Dimension 12.90 x 19.80 x 1.50

Product Details

I'm Not Twenty Four. I Have Been Nineteen For Five Years is a story of a young woman who is forced to deal with unusual situations in an unfamiliar region when she gets posted at a steel plant in a remote corner of Karnataka. Summary of the Book: I’m Not Twenty Four. I Have Been Nineteen for Five Years narrates the story of Saumya, a Delhi girl who is full of expectations and excitement after passing her MBA. She loves her coffee shops and shopping malls and her life seems headed in the right lane when she gets a job in a steel company. Things, however, go off track very soon. Owing to ambiguity around her name, Saumya is mistakenly identified as a man, and due to this, gets posted to a remote region instead of the usual corporate office postings that women are given. Soon enough, she finds herself working in the Safety Department of the steel plant in a village in a remote region of Karnataka. Will the city girl overcome the new challenges she faces at work? In this remote village, will she be able to cope up with the unfamiliar situations and people who speak a different language? This scenario sets the tone for what happens next in Saumya’s life, as she tries to befriend Amit and Malappa. She’s also introduced to Shubro, a hippie and IIM graduate who prefers a wanderer’s life. Will her new life change who she is for good?