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Binding Paperback
ASIN 978-9351762539
Publishing Year 2016
Total Pages 520
Edition English
Release Year 935176253X
Category Science & Mathematics
Author Hall
Publishers Arihant Publications  
Weight 667.00 g
Dimension 13.97 x 3.00 x 21.59

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The Classic Texts Series is only one of its kind selections of classic pieces that started off as a bestseller and continues to be the same today as well. These classic texts have been designed to work as elementary textbooks, which help the students in building the concepts to prepare for various competitive examinations. The newly updated edition of ‘Higher Algebra deals with the modern treatment of various concepts of Higher Algebra, presented in a manner suitable for beginners and junior students. Each chapter in the book begins with point wise introduction of the various concepts that are covered under a particular topic, followed by examples to help the competitors in understanding the concepts better.  It showcases theoretical explanations of various important topics of Higher Algebra, in order to provide complete understanding to the competitors. Apart from giving conceptual clarity, it also helps in enhancing the practical knowledge with inbuilt practice sets and detailed and authentic solutions. Covering all aspects of Higher Algebra, it will surely serve as the complete elementary textbook for studying different concepts of Higher Algebra. This book inculcates: 1.       The Classical Text series ‘best seller’ – collection of classic pieces of work 2.       Works as elementary text book building up the basic concepts 3.       ‘Higher Algebra’ has explained of various concepts of algebra 4.       Divided into 35 Chapters 5.       Each chapter carries theoretical explanations and unsolved practice exercise for complete practice 6.       Chapterwise study notes, Miscellaneous examples and answers to unsolved questions TOC Chapter 1- Ratio, Chapter 2- Proportion,Chapter 3- Variation, Chapter 4- Arithmetical Progression, Chapter 5-Geometrical Progression, Chapter 6- Harmonical Progression Theorems Connected With The Progression, Chapter 7- Scales Of Notation, Chapter 8- Surds & Imaginary Quantities, Chapter 9- The Theory Of Quadratic Equations, Chapter 10-Miscellaneous Equations, Chapter 11- Permutations & Combinations, Chapter12- Mathematical Induction, Chapter 13- Binomial Theorem Positive IntegralIndex, Chapter 14- Binomial Theorem- Any Index, Chapter 15- Multinomial Theorem, Chapter 16- Logarithms, Chapter 17- Exponential & Logarithmic Series, Chapter 18- Interest And Annuities, Chapter 19- Inequalities, Chapter 20- Limiting Values & Vanishing Fractions, Chapter 21- Convergency And Divergency Of Series, Chapter 22- Undetermined Coefficients, Chapter 23-Partial Fractions, Chapter 24- Recurring Series, Chapter 25- Continued Fractions, Chapter 26- Indeterminate Equations Of The First Degree, Chapter 27-Recurring Continued Fractions, Chapter 28- Indeterminate Equations Of Second Degree, Chapter 29- Summation Of Series, Chapter 30- Theory Of Numbers, Chapter 31- The General Theory Of Continued Fractions, Chapter 32- Probability, Chapter 33- Determinants, Chapter 34- Miscellaneous Theorems & Examples, Chapter 35- Theory Of Equations