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Gayatri Prabha Karan

Gayatri Prabha Karan

Born on January 20, 1982 in Basauli, a remote village in Bihar Gayatri Prabha Karan, belongs to a close knit group of Karn Kayastha. She is a graduate in English from St. Xaviers College, Ranchi and a post graduate in journalism from Ranchi University. She has worked for various newspapers and online platforms. She has been residing abroad for 15 years with her husband and two daughters. Currently in Oman, she had worked as an English Language teacher in Indian School Sohar, before she ventured into writing.


Her debut work, Unheard Unseen Untold Tales is a fragment of many lives lived as ordinary but with tremendous courage and hope. Almost all the characters and stories are real life experiences, which she has assembled via communicating to real people; some are her own experiences in bits and pieces. The name and places has been changed for anonymity. The most unlamented lives and ordeal find a voice in her stories.