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Everyday Vocabulary More Than 6100 Words

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Binding Paperback
ASIN 978-9350944820
Publishing Year 2016
Total Pages 208
Edition English
Category Dictionaries
Author Kumkum Gupta
Publishers Arihant Publications  
Category Root  
Weight 90.00 g
Dimension 13.97 x 1.14 x 21.59


Important Note: This book is for hindi language speakers, who want to learn equivalent English words for Hindi words used in daily vocabulary Everyday Vocabulary by Arihant book has been designed with an aim of helping the students improve their vocabulary, as good vocabulary strengthens the writing and speaking skills.The present book contains more than 6100 such words that are used in day-to-day life for conversation. The book provides an easy approach to pronunciation and meanings of frequently used English words. The book covers English Alphabet and Ordinals, Numerals, Words Used in Daily Routine, Name of Parts of the Body, Name of Relations, Name of Ornaments and Jewels, Name of Animals, Name of Birds, Name of Some Reptiles, Water Living Creatures, Worms and Insects, Domestic Articles, Homes and Abodes, Name of Musical Instruments, Name of Minerals, Young Ones of Animals and Birds, Cries of Creatures, Clothes, Dresses, Wearing Apparels, Terms Used in Sports and Games, Names of Directions, Names of Planets in our Solar System, Name of Colors, Name of Medical Sciences and Medicines, Terms Used in Post and Telegraph Department, etc.This book will help in improving your writing and speaking skills.