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The Story of Urban Naxals

Maoists – the term has been derived from the word “Maoism” which is used to describe the political, social, economic and military theories of Chinese leader Mao Zedong. The movement was slowly adopted by the people in India. Communist Party of India was formed and soon they came to be known as ‘Naxalites’. Their motive was to over throw the Government via war. The same ideology was carried from generation to generation.


These Naxalites can be found in the deep jungles of India in specific states with ammu-nation in their hands. But now, same naxalites can be found in the urban cities with no arms in hands but with a propaganda to destroy the peace of the society. These are the educated people who identify themselves as “intellectuals” and strive to support violence insurrection against the State. Thus,the term ‘Urban Naxals’ was coined. You can found them in academia, media, NGOs and in urban civil societies of India. They were a mask in the broad day light as to be unrecognized.

But the main question is – How to identify an Urban Naxal?

To know the answer, one should definitely go through “Urban Naxals” book by Vivek Agnihotri. The book talks about the unrest spread by these so called elite naxals in the country and how the author and film-director Vivek Agnihotri unmasks these people. Learn about his struggle to screen his award-winning movie “Buddha in the Traffic jam” in various institutes and how he overcame all the obstacles to achieve his goal. The book can be brought from Garuda Books – an online book shop.

The book is worth your time and money as you will be become acquaintance with the current state of India. People hesitate to talk about these so-called urban naxals but now, it is the time to raise your voice against them.

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