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Bharat Thakker

Bharat Thakker

Bharat Thakker is spending his retirement years in London writing on his research on Hindu Thoughts and Epics, playing golf, listening to Indian music or shopping with his wife Smita. 

Born in Kolkata, he studied in St Xavier’s School and is a rank holding Chartered Accountant. In a career spanning over 30 years, he has led businesses in Steel, Financial Services, Real Estate and Telecom Software in India, UK and UAE.

In his travels across Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America, he noticed their rich heritage of culture linked to their civilisations. This roused his interest in the Epic called the Mahabharata. He wanted to fathom the power that there must be in the 100,000 verses  of the Epic when its 700 verses called the Bhagwat Gita have engaged countless thinkers/preachers and continues to mesmerise people around the world. 

Based on his research backed writing, the Mahabharata will appear as a book on life, real and for once believable and relevant.

Link for his new book :