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A Window on Kashmir


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ISBN 13 9788170998945
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 202
Edition 2003
Author T. N. Dhar
Product Dimensions 23 cm x 15 cm
Category Books  
Weight 440.00 g

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Kashmir has been written about and described by numerous authors of different languages. This book is different in as much as it does not describe the natural beauty, the landscape, the lofty mountains, the gushing waters, the picturesque meadows and the flora and fauna of this enchanting valley. It describes the intrinsic beauty, inherent greatness and the cultural richness of the land. It is an insider's account of the place where he was born and brought up. It describes the people who have lived here for many millennia, their ways of living, their customs and their philosophy of life. It is truly a window on their life, language, culture, philosophy and customs. It throws light on the literature, festivals, shrines and the sages of this land of Kashyapa. It also touches briefly upon the turmoil, the terrorism and the political upheaval that has resulted in mass exodus of three lakh Kashmiri Pandits from their hearths and homes and has threatened their very identity. It is a faithful account of the milieu of this Paradise on Earth.