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[Hindi] 25 Ways To Improve Your Life

[Hindi] 25 Ways To Improve Your Life

by   Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar (Author)  
by   Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar (Author)   (show less)
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25 Ways To Improve Your Life (Hindi Books): Time for some resolutions and should-dos to make every moment count. Gurudev’s ‘25 ways to Improve Your Life’ will help you make that difference!

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ISBN 13 978-9380592671
Book Language Hindi
Binding Paperback
Release Year 2010
Publishers Sri Sri Publications Trust  
Category Personal Development & Self-Help  

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Have you ever thought about how your life could have been if you took time out for yourself every day, without fail? Has it ever occurred to you what hue your life could have taken on if you never lost friends? Did it ever strike you that it’s perfectly alright to make mistakes? Do you regret not recognizing your limitations that one time when you should have? Don’t you wish you knew how to make the right decision at the right time? If only we were born with a manual, life would have been less hurtful, less painful and less scary. Life goals would have been clear and precise. We wouldn’t have floundered deciphering basic human emotions as we do now. Every word would mean the same for everyone. If only... Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is well aware of the stress the technology-driven life is gifting humanity. He knows the effort that people are putting in to keep their self-confidence afloat, to think positively, to be healthy, enthusiastic and generous. His aim of creating a violence-free society, a confusion-free mind and a sorrow-free soul prompted him to put together this practical guide to putting the zing back in life. Enjoy listening to ‘Cosmic Trance’, a bhajan CD by Sahil Jagtiani which comes along with the book.