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Vocab Mad Easy (Volume 1)

 by    Ankur Pathak   

Vocabulary Books- Buy Best English Vocabulary Books Vocab Mad Easy Volume-1 for all Competitive exams like GRE, SAT, CAT, GMAT, etc.


Vocab Mad Easy Volume-1 is the first volume of the Vocab Mad Easy series. This first volume contains 1542 master English words. These words are the high-frequency master words that are important from the point of view of competitive exams like GRE, SAT, CAT, GMAT, etc. The key feature of this book is an innovative memory aid technique which is called 'Mnemotricks'. With the help of these Mnemotricks, a student gets rid of rote learning. Through these techniques, a person can learn a total of 3082 words in one to four months depending upon the learning capacity of an individual.

Author :  Ankur Pathak   
Publisher :  Garuda Prakashan   
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
ISBN-13 : 978-9352656493
Edition : 1st
Product Weight : 1050 gms
Release Year : 2016

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