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Must read !

When Mani Writes by RVS Mani consists of expansive articles on all sectors of our nation under one cover. A brilliantly written and compiled book. The book covers diverse topics from international threats to complex contemporary internal security and political scenario and how carrying foward these issues will take centre stage. For someone like me, it was a road opener to understand and analyze some of the recurring patterns in political world prevalent in the modern Era. All these articles bring one fact to forefront that anti india forces operate within the Indian milieu, acting against her shamelessly while utilizing the democratic avenues to their best. The baseless continous allegations on the centre during elections, Sidhu's participation in paki PM swearing in ceremony, myths over article 370 and constant efforts of propaganda to create unrest in the valley and more so are some of the dots that when viewed from afar will connect and pose as the biggest threat to our nation's internal security. The most important and interesting set of articles I found were from the set - security, terrorism and politics. The greatest strong arm after modi government is rapid action against security threats and blocking its rivulets has massively made impact on terror network and its operations in India. The icing on cake is still the demonetisation which was a tactical war on terror funding. As the author says, these articles were written before these issues boomed infront of the nation. They remain to be ever so relevant to date. This maybe can act as guide for the government to assess the patterns and thwart further more threats to our nation. This book is underrated because of the how the ecosystem works. Would recommend everyone to read this and piece how anti india forces work overnight to break our nation.
Review by - April 17, 2022