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A must read for all Indians

I must congratulate the Garuda publishers for publishing this gem in Hindi. It is important that we publish such books in different regional languages as well. All the places where Islamization is a problem should have this book in there own language. Telugu for Hyderabad and Bengali are must have translations for this book and other such extraordinary books. This book provides clarity to us about the challenges we have in unbreaking India and all Indians must work together to make it happen. Otherwise a complete anarchy and mayhem is not far.
Review by - January 30, 2022

असाधारण पुस्तक।

कश्मीर विषय पर इतनी शोधपूर्ण लेखन विरल है। अगर आप विभाजन, कश्मीर, इस्लामिक बर्बरता का इतिहास का विस्तृत ज्ञान किसी एक पुस्तक के माध्यम से अर्जन करना चाहते हैं, तो इससे उत्कृष्ट विकल्प कोई हो ही नही सकता। अद्भुत कृति🙏🙏
Review by - March 05, 2022

Thank you

Best Book
Review by - March 26, 2022