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Purna yoga — Yoga pancadasi: The Complete Yoga

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Yoga is a serious and a comprehensive subject. It is difficult to bring “completeness” in it. Swami Shanti Dharmanand has tried to give the complete information on health and yoga beginning at its initial stage. Different forms of yogic postures with their health benefits have been mentioned in detail.

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ISBN 13 9788182650091
Book Language Hindi
Binding Paperback
Total Pages 243
Edition 3rd
Release Year 2013
Publisher Srikunj Sadbhawana Manch
Author Swami Shantidharmananda Saraswati
Category Yoga   General Interest   Alternative Therapies   Ever Green Shelf Life  
Weight 350.00 g
Dimension 14.00 x 22.00 x 1.80


Yoga is a deep and extensive topic to explain, and attaining absolute perfection in it is extremely difficult. Swami Shantidharmananda Saraswati has however tried to enrich this concise book with complete information for a beginner, a patient and even for an expert. He has shed into it his intellect and experience of Upanishadic and literary sources matching with scientific research besides the basic knowledge obtained from his Guru and Rishis. Though this book has been written by taking ashtanga-yoga as a base, all types of asanas and procedures of yoga have been accommodated in a disciplined manner. Secrets of hathayoga, rajayoga, kriyayoga, japayoga, layayoga, kundalini yoga, nadayoga, svarayoga, etc. have been summarized in brief. This is the reason why it has been named as Purna Yoga. Since all the topics related to yoga have been divided into fifteen chapters, this book has been referred to as Yoga Pancadashi as well. Purna Yoga is a guide for a blissful life as well as a very useful tool for every individual in the society.