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Our Mission

For any organization, it is mandatory to have a vision of its future which becomes a source of inspiration to work towards the achievement of its goal. Garuda, too, is not an exception in this case.

Thus, Garuda would be looking forward:

  1. To bring authors, writers and creative people on a platform where they can generate and disseminate Bharat-centric content impeccably.
  2. To provide error-free academic books, especially in higher education and Bhartan languages.
  3. To generate affordable books in Hindi and other Indian languages.
  4. To snatch some share of the English language market by providing eminent books in readers’ own languages.

We realize that in a developing-country like India, there always exist different forms of unfettered competition, let it be academics, job opportunities, etc. What one needs is an apt book along with proper guidance which ultimately becomes the key to success. Hence, we are totally committed to bringing into the market the books which can help students crack various competitive examinations and are also useful for concept-clarity at all levels.