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Matilda Joslyn Gage

About the Author

Gage began her public career as a lecturer at the woman's rights convention at Syracuse, New York, in 1852, being the youngest speaker present, after which, the enfranchisement of women became the goal of her life. She was a tireless worker and public speaker, and contributed numerous articles to the press, being regarded as "one of the most logical, fearless and scientific writers of her day". From 1878–1881, she published and edited at Syracuse the National Citizen, a paper devoted to the cause of women.

Woman Church and State

Woman Church and State


Commenting on the horrible atrocities-massacres of population, burning of villages, the capture of young males and females for sale as slaves, plunder of property-committed by the Portuguese in 1532 and 1549 on Hindus living in the coastal areas of Saurashtra, Colonel James Todd had observed: 'It would perhaps be fortunate for Christianity, if the historic muse in India were mute, as many have endeavored to prove her to be since atrocities like these are alone sufficient to have scared the H...