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Jihad: The Islamic Doctrine of Permanent War

by   Suhas Majumdar (Author)  
by   Suhas Majumdar (Author)   (show less)
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This book is one of the basic doctrines of Islam, but the average Indian's knowledge of it is both superficial and unsatisfactory.

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ISBN 13 9788185990194
Book Language English
Total Pages 102
Publishers Voice of India  
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Hindus usually render the term as dharmayuddha, but this rendering is totally misleading. Dharmayuddha means 'war fought according to rules laid down in the Dharmashastras' such as not attacking a person who does not have a weapon or has dropped it, not molesting an adversary who has surrendered, not pursuing a defeated enemy who has run away, not attacking the non-combatants in the enemy camp, not harming the women and holy people and places in the enemy's territory, etc. Hindus have never known the concept of a religious or holy war, a concept which is characteristic of the monotheistic creeds. Therefore, to the common Hindu, in particular to those who are ignorant of the history of the many religious wars waged by monotheistic creeds of Asia and Europe, jihad is a lofty conception.