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Holypol (Write In The Middle: I)

by   Rajbir Deswal (Author)  
by   Rajbir Deswal (Author)   (show less)
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Holypol (Write In The Middle: I)

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ISBN 13 978-8173862816
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishers Low Price Publications  
Category Other Books  


This is the first compilation of middles written by Rajbir Deswal and published in national dallies like The Tribune, The Hindustan Times, The Indian Express and The Pioneer. HOLYPOL opens up vistas that are captivating and compel indulgence of sorts on the part of the reader. Imagine a Police System up there in Heavens! Visualize the Lady of the Housebreaking crystals while the domestic help grins! Experience your straying into a Chor Bazaar! Marvel at the amount of discretion the Americans give to their lower-level functionaries Sce a thousand Medallions on your chest! Show up your best image to the rest of the world after the makeup of style Dot on Balcony in a building is a symbol of concrete liberty. Hear the spinning of yan by Journo lapwing seeking to regain her eggs! Experience the Withdrawal symptoms in a New Year! Listen to Speaking tree\'s clamoring for green cover! Watch bedlam in a Divided House where windows and curtains ought for one-up-man-ship! Step into the shoes of co-sufferers but only when disasters strike! Heed to the Call of the Unknown Soldier! Walk on the brittle sheet of water! Enjoy being caught up in a jam! Experience embarrassing encounters vi strangers! Become your wile\'s conscience-keep on Karwa Chauth! Know about the pranks played by the Balcony Babbleri Wish your own welfare in blessing others! Decipher that lower lip ling Experience the honey-mooning ordeal when faced with the Coast Guard on the beaches of Goal Look at the guts of the girl flying a plane! Seek seasonal favors due from Government Departments and experience discomfiture Find Flowery Epaulets on the shoulders of a subdued cop! Experience an airport in your bedroom! Watch out for that vanity in your darling motor cars! Argue on out-stepping BSF boys and Pakistani rangers at Wagahl Place trust in the Song of Promise! Be a Chosen One in the Almighty's scheme of things! Look at the likeness of the moment with the Man! Share the plight of those who need to be sent to Coventry being discarded! Listen to the agony of the Enigmatic Driver who is a father too! See More than what meets the eye! Find the difference between real happiness and faked one! Watch sleeping women lie! Hear for whom the bell tolls, being tricked into a bizarre predicament! Get thrown overboard with offers of days and nights to be spent in a foreign country as part of promos! Get at the meaning of a two-fingered comment! Estimate if you a Tana-tunn in health or otherwise! Lend your ear to the Bar counsel! Be pen(ny)-wise Solve mysteries of Bluel Advise Olympian Vijender to choose from amongst the Bollywood girls! Look out for a suitable dog for the Obamas.