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Archaemetallurgy in India

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ISBN 13 9788185616469
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Author Vibha Tripathi
Editor 1998
Category Books  
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Ancient metals and their manufacturing make a fascinating, as well as challenging subject of academic investigation. The overgrowing application of scientific knowledge and sophisticated analytical techniques in archaeological studies have opened newer perspectives on the understanding of ancient metals and metallurgy. The resultant inter-disciplinary subject of Archaeo - metallurgy adds new dimensions to archaeological research. It bridges the gap of Arts and Sciences. It is only through such an approach that one can make an authentic reconstruction of man's techno-cultural achievements through the ages. In India, the potentials and significance of such a line of inquiry has yet to be fully recognised. The Department of Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University, hosted a Seminar in October, 1991 to take stock of the exiting knowledge of the subject and to initiate a meaningful dialogue among scholars of allied disciplines towards defining and 'identifying precise interdisciplinary nature of the subject. Archaeologists, Historians, Indologists and Metallurgists interacted on a wide range of thernes: metals in archaeological contexts, ethno-archaeological data, and socio-economic implications of the metals. This volume comprises of the papers presented in the Seminar. It is sincerely hoped that this venture will expand the boundaries, infuse a scientific temper and set new trend into archaeological studies.