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Achar Masala, 100 g

Sold By:   Swadhyayam

More Information

Brand Sri Sri TATTVA shuddhta ka naam
Country of Origin India
Category Groceries  
Weight 100.00 g

Product Details

Achar Masala is a versatile blend of spices commonly used to craft flavorful pickles. It can also be used to dress various vegetables, salads, parathas, and curd dishes.

Sri Sri Tattva Achar Masala is a perfect blend of aromatic spices blended together to make a rich and spicy masala that can be used to make delicious tangy pickles and dress many vegetables, salads, parathas, curd etc.

Key Benefits

  • Used to make delicious tangy pickles
  • Dress many vegetables, salads, parathas, curd etc.

How to Use

Simple Steps To Make Delicious Mango Pickle

  • Wash 400g of raw mango pieces in water and let it dry for 1 day in salt.
  • Once the mangoes are dry mix them with 100g of Sri Sri Tattva Achar Masala.
  • Heat 150g of edible oil and close the flame, let the oil cool down again.
  • Mix the cooled oil with the mango pieces in the jar.
  • Tasty Mango pickle is ready to eat.
  • Other Uses: You can sprinkle it on Salad, Khakhras, Parathas, Curd & other food items.

Key Ingredients

  • Chilli Powder
  • Methi Dal
  • Iodized Salt
  • Refined Edible
  • Oil, Rai Dal
  • Asafoetida,
  • Turmeric.

Net Weight: 100 g