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A Socio-Cultural Study of Foreign Dynasties- An Epigraphical Approach (From Second Century BCE To Third Century CE)

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ISBN 13 9788188934874
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Author Suman Jain
Editor 2014
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The foreigners who ruled in India for a long time prior to the advent of Muslims and British were the Yavanas, Sakas and the Kusanas. The history of India from the second century BCE to third century CE is related more to these foreigners who came from Central and Western Asia, than the Indian kings. They have ruled in different parts of north India for almost five hundred years. Although these foreign invaders achieved political and military powers, they failed to conquer India culturally. They influenced all spheres of our life but could not touch the core principals of the Indian culture. A foreign historian had rightly remarked that though foreigners managed to invade India, occupy and rule her land, but they were never able to conquer her culturally instead they adopted our culture. These foreigners. became so mingled within our society that today it is difficult to trace them out from the indigenous ones. A large number of their inscriptions and coins are found in all over north India, on which they depicted their names, epithets, deeds and figures. The author has utilized these inscriptions and coins which give more details about them as the principal source and have come to the conclusion after carefully examining the readings of controversial passage offered by different scholars with the help of facsimiles wherever available.