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1857 Revolt In The Princely State Of Jaipur

1857 Revolt In The Princely State Of Jaipur

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Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 216
Author Vijay Kumar Vashishtha
Editor 2020
Product Dimensions 23 cm x 15 cm
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Scholars like G.B. Malleson, John William Kaye, S. N. Sen, R.C. Majumdar and several others have subscribed to the view that the people of the Princely States remained passive spectators during 1857 Uprising and showed no protest or opposition to British rule. So also, historians from Rajasthan like N.R. Khadgawat, H.C. Batra, K.S. Saxena and R.P. Vyas have not highlighted the participation of the various social classes of the Princely State of Jaipur in the revolt. The discovery of the new archival source-material reveals the rampant anti British ferment, protests and incidents of revolt and defiance of British power by the Jaipur State sepoys, jagirdars, State officials and people. This necessitates the revision of the prevalent views of historians on the 1857 revolt.