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101 Mystics of India (An Old and Rare Book)

101 Mystics of India (An Old and Rare Book)


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ISBN 13 9788170174714
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Total Pages 219
Edition 2006
Author V. K. Subramanian
Product Dimensions 5.7 inchesX 22 cm
Publishers Abhinav Publications  
Category Books  
Weight 460.00 g

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This Item: 101 Mystics of India (An Old and Rare Book)



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From the Jacket

101 MYSTICS OF INDIA is a valuable compilation by the scholar- artist-author V. K. Subramanian, whose ten-volume series Sacred Songs of India- the result of loving and laborious research spread over several years is already before the discerning public.

The book gives brief life sketches (side by side with pictorial representations) of 101 Mystics who graced the world from 2500 B.C. to the twentieth century in an unbroken continuity defying the barriers of region, language gender and social status. All of them had one passion: an intense longing to decipher the Divine and to unite with the supreme. All of them had the experience of communion with the Transcendent ( and immanent) Reality and they expressed that experience by establishing new religions propounding new philosophies creating monumental works of literature composing soul-stirring lyrics of devotion or simply casting a hypnotic spiritual spell by their living model.

The mystics of India have sprouted in every part of India: Andra Pradesh Assam Bengal Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kashmir, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Utter Pradesh.

101 mystics of India will be an invaluable reference book to scholars of Indology and to all those sons and daughters of India who live scattered across the globe a precious reminder of their spiritual heritage.

Vadakaymadom Krishna Iyer Subramanian (b. 1930, Kerala, India) is an eminent scholar, whose life mission is to present to the world the treasures of ancient India, in the fields of art literature, philosophy and religion.

He has already translated several ancient texts into English.

These include: Saundaryalahari, Sivanandalahari, Sacred Songs of India, Maxims of Chanakya, Sri Rudraprasna and Wondrous Whispers of Wisdom from Ancient India.

As a consultant for holistic health and apiritual development he has spelt out the Hindu regimens in this regard in this popular book The Holistic Way to Health, Happiness and Harmony

Subramanian's prolific literary output covers a variety of subjects ranging from astrology to art. He has been an astropalmic counselor for over 35 years.

A retired officer of the Indian Audit and Accounts Service (which he joined in 1953), Subramanian is also a reputed Painter, who has held 22 one -man shows and whose paintings (some of them in the Chandigarh Museum) have won wide acclaim from leading art critics of India.

Subramanian who has traveled extensively in India now lives in the United States of America.