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Short Description

  • 1. 100% Hand Crafted Nettipattam (Caparison) by Trained and Experienced Artisans.
  • 2. Polymer Golden Finish
  • 3. Perfect for Gifting purpose.
  • 4. Its considered to bring good luck to home and offices.

More Information

Country of Origin India
Category Home decor  

Product Details

Nettipattam is a Malayalam word for caparison. Nettipattam (caparison) is a popular traditional glittering ornamental handicraft to adorn the foreheads of elephants for temple festivals in Kerala.

This Nettipattam available in different sizes, which is made in polymer fibre. It represents the entire pantheon of gods and goddess in Hinduism. Each bubble depicts Pancha-bhoothas, Thrimoorthies (Vishnu, Brahma and Maheswar), Navagrahas, Ashta-vasus, Saptarishis (7 saints), Moola-Ganapathi etc. So people believe that Nettipattam brings prosperity, peace and blessings.

It takes a lot of time and efforts in the making of a traditional nettipattam.

Uses of Nettipattam

  • It is ideal to be used in offices and homes as a wall decor.
  • Best gift to be given to dear ones on the occasions like birthday, marriage, house warming, etc.
  • It is also used in stage shows.