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 Clay Bird Water Whistle Musical Instrument

Clay Bird Water Whistle Musical Instrument

Sold By:   Mudkart

Short Description

  • 1. Authentic Birdsong Sounds: Ingeniously designed to produce the soothing and melodious sounds of sparrows. Adjust the water level and blowing strength to vary the pitch and tone, creating a truly dynamic experience.
  • 2. Develops Musical Skills: Helps children understand and appreciate rhythm and melody from an early age.
  • 3. Eco-Friendly: Made from natural materials, these whistles are a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious parents.
  • 4. Cultural Connection: Introduces children to traditional art forms and sounds, fostering a deeper connection to nature and cultural heritage.

More Information

Colour Brown
Category Home decor  
Weight 250.00 g

Product Details

Terracotta bird-shaped whistles produce authentic sparrow sounds when filled with water and blown. The sound varies with water level and blowing strength. Perfectly sized for small hands, they are delightful and engaging for all ages.